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Rivalry outside the Juliett05 nuclear missile silo

I am here to see the inside of one of the 15 nuclear missile bunkers, each responsible for 10 missiles. Before we leave for the field, there's an interview withColonel Bill Barrington who oversees missile maintenance atthe91st. Then, there's a briefing with staff including the two missileers who will be taking over from the current two.Richard Mille Replica Watches Shifts last approximately 24 hours. The replacements are First Lieutenant Damion Proctor (25), and Second Lieutenant Matthew Ernst (28).

Next, a van ride to the bunker. I don't need a blindfold to see the bunker capsules, which are 70 feet below the ground, and the silos, where the underground missiles are stored and launched from, are both located on public roads.

We arrive at the Juliett-01 bunker after a 45-minute drive through mostly farmland. Two nondescript buildings in tan are above ground. The capsule is below ground and contains the missileers. It is on constant alert in case the U.S. has to launch nuclearweapons.

We are met by an armed security guard when we arrive at the gate that is locked on the outskirts. He asks for our IDs even though we know they are there. After all paperwork and checks have been completed,Ulysse Nardin Replica which there are many of, we are allowed to tour the above-ground facilities. The kitchen is fully equipped with a chef and provides food for the security personnel and missileers during their shifts. Cash only. I bought a cola, burger, and tater-tots for $2.95.

A bathroom is available as well as a shared bedroom with simple bunk beds and a pool table. There's also a small gym. Satellite antennas are so powerful that we cannot reach them beyond five feet for fear of radiation.

Armed guards at Juliett-01

Juliett-01: Emergency escape stairs

There are additional armed guards to help you get to the bunker capsule. Also, there are two huge concrete/steel doors that weigh 11 and 8 tons, each. These doors require nine turns to open. After a few more ID checks, we all pile into an elevator to go down. As we enter, the guards call out, "One in," two in, three,Omega Replica Watches three, and four in." It's a bit scary. We were told to wait patiently if the elevator gets stuck. It was installed in the early sixties. Ifthey can't get it going again, there is always anescape ladder we can usetoreturntothesurface.

After we have passed another hugedoor, we finally enter the capsule. The space is quite tight, and the green curtain that separates the two missileers from their sleeping area creates tight quarters. The consoles can relay serious messages, but many of them are just drills. One is awakened immediately to perform his duty.

What exactly is this? There are a series of verifications on antiquated screens. The place looks like Dr. Strangelove's set, but it works. A few simple padlocks that hold the actual missile launch replica watches Each missileer has his separate key to prevent rogue launching. Code verifications and, if necessary, the launch keys can be turned to send the missiles. It is impossible to launch these missiles without a lot of information, even if someone gets in the capsule.

My tape recorder, camera and other electronic devices are not permitted. Reporting must be done in the traditional way with pen and paper. Photos are taken by an airwoman.

My Bell & Ross watch is also being discussed. They look at it with suspicion, as though it were a spy gadget or smart watch. They are hesitant to let me wear it in the missile capsule, but I assure them that it is not. It is powered by a Swiss automatic motor of the highest quality.

Bell & Ross Richard Mille Replica Watches on Clash’s wrist in Juliett-01 Image (c) Apryl Hall

Proctor and I have a conversation. Proctor, a Jackson, MS native, tells me that he recently got engaged to Lena, a Minot missileer. When asked what he would do in a direct order by the President to launch his missiles, Proctor replied that he would have to follow orders from our commander-in chief. Does Proctor feel more alert now that North Korea is at war? "No. No matter what situation, we are always prepared and ready to go.

Ernst, a North Carolina native and married with three children,tag heuer replica agrees with his missileer bunker peer. He was an ex-policeman who was taught to follow orders. He says, "There is no politics down there." "We don’t second guess." Ernst is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security via LibertyUniversity.

After spending about an hour in the bunker capsule, it's time to return to the surface for further paperwork and security screenings. After you are done, take offvia van afewmiles towards the piece de resistance forme. These silos are where actual missiles are kept. They are connected to the capsule by miles of electric cable. The hair on my neck is dangling as I approach theJuliett05 silo. Although we can't enter the underground silo, I am only 100 yards away from a nuclear device that could, after travelling 15,000 mph in and out of space, destroy major cities. Just think about it. Only one Minuteman III missile.

I left the silo mixed feelings. These things are necessary for deterrence. I respect the servicemen who carry this enormous responsibility. However, like everyone else, I worry about never using them. We hope not, making the missileers rush up andwait, hurrying up and waiting, hurrying up and waiting -- until eternity. Hurryupandwait is a good thing.

Jim Clash and Matthew Ernst, a missileer, in the Juliett-01 nuclear weapon capsule near Minot (ND).

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