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Why is the Polaris Memovox such an important icon of Omega Replica Watches's history?

Omega Replica Watches's Polaris Memovox was and is an important timepiece, there is no doubt. In 2008, at the 40th anniversary of the watch, Omega Replica Watches reissued the Polaris Memovox in limited numbers of 768 steel pieces, and 165 platinum.

2008 was faithful to the 1968 version, right down to its acrylic crystal. Omega Replica Watches decided to up the ante when he thought about the 50th anniversary of the watch.

Interview with Revolution's Deputy Editor Director, TraceyLlewellyn earlier, Stephane Belmont, Omega Replica Watches’s Director of Maison Heritage and Rare Pieces shared his thoughts about the creation of the 2018 Polaris collection. He said, "We decided it was time for a masculine, technological focus and to create an elegant sports collection. We couldn't promote all the pieces we had with conviction so we decided to make one comprehensive collection.Bell & Ross Replica Watches Our collectors love the Memovox Polaris, which was made in 1968. This is why we chose this watch to be the foundation of our new sports collection.

The Polaris collection was so rich that the Maison decided to create a new collection.

It begins with the Polaris Automatic (time only), moving on to the Polaris Chronograph WT,versace replica watches Polaris Geographic WT, and the Polaris Chronograph WT. The Polaris Date is for those who want a watch with the original 1968 Polaris Memovox face. If nothing else works, you can also get the 2018 Polaris Memovox with three crown implementation and the Memovox alarm system.

Omega Replica Watches Polaris Automatic

Omega Replica Watches Date Polaris

Omega Replica Watches Polaris Chronograph WT

Omega Replica Watches Polaris chronograph, available in rose-gold or anthracite.

The Polaris Memovox will always be made in limited quantities, as history has shown. The 2018 edition is no exception, with a limited production of just 1000 units. The 1968 edition was very rare, so the 2008 and 2018 versions were limited to 1000 pieces. This is to preserve the exclusivity of this timepiece. The collection has been created around the Polaris, so more people can own a piece Omega Replica Watches history that is interpreted for today's twenty-first century.

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